Frequently Asked Questions


All payment processing and credit card storage is securely handled by BrainTree (A Paypal Company.) trusted by top technology companies such as Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb.
Whether on the Pro Plan or Per Use, your credit card will be charged each time you add a new project. Once you’ve signed up for the Pro Plan your credit card will be charged the monthly fee immediately, prorated for the current month. You will then be charged the monthly fee on the first of each month moving forward.
Your login will still work and you will still be able to access your current projects. However, your projects will be view-only and you will not be able to edit them.
Absolutely. After creating an account, we offer a demo project where you can see how Planchx works from start to finish.
You can easily cancel your account from the account page. Ater you confirm cancellation, your account will no longer be billed.
We realize that you may need to tweak the scope of a project from time to time. Our system allows for one initial code check and two rechecks. After that, the project will be view-only and no longer editable.

Building Codes and Comments

For residential projects in California, Planchx references the 2016 California Building Standards Code (CBSC), including the CRC, CPC, CEC, CMC, CGBSC and CEnC. For all states other than California, Planchx references the 2018 International Residential Code through Chapter 9. You will only see building codes relevant to the state your project is in.
No, Planchx does not currently include comments pertaining to structural sections of the code.
The publishers of the building codes we reference hold copyrights on the actual text of the codes, so we cannot reproduce any code verbatim. That said, our comments are written in a way that provides more clarity than a duplication of the code section might.
Not at the moment. However, we hope to provide a tool in the future to generate CBEES Mandatory Measures along with prescriptive and performance compliance reports.